Industrial solutions

At Dixie Electric’s Industrial Automation Products and Services Division, we deliver peace of mind to our client’s year after year. We understand how your plant should operate and we are perfectly positioned to keep it running and ready for whatever the future may bring. No matter how complex your needs are, we know the automation systems and our expertise will ensure reliability and high performance. 

We have a broad base of experience in industries, such as energy, mining, manufacturing and municipal services.

At the foundation of our success is a superior value proposition. Safety, reliability and timeliness are our top priorities, and we are committed to being a one-stop shop, rendering comprehensive services to ensure clients achieve consistent and efficient operations.

Many of the industries we work with deliver critical products and services, such as oil and natural gas, power and public utilities. When disruptions occur, our customers react immediately, and we are ready to be there with them, available and responsive with a crisis plan in hand.

That’s how we deliver peace of mind.

Core Industrial Services

Electrical Contracting

  • Production wells
  • Salt water disposal wells
  • Compressor stations
  • Pipeline services
  • Terminal services
  • Crude oil and gas gathering facilities
  •  Refineries
  • Gas plants
  • Cryogenic plants
  • Power plants
  • Solar farms
  • Wind farms
  • High efficiency lighting
  • New construction
  • Line expansions
  • Retrofits

Automation and Controls

  • DC and AC retrofits
  • Variable frequency drives VFD’s
  • Programmable logic controllers PLCs
  • All motor controls
  • In-house panel shop
  • Mining

Electrical Transmission and Distribution

  • Storm restoration
  • Debris clean up
  • Overhead and underground distribution
  • Substations
  • Transmission
  • Aerial drone monitoring